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Cybutryne (Fintryn)

Cybutryne (Fintryn) Specification

Active Ingredient 98% min.
Appearance White crystalline powder

Cybutryne (Fintryn) Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name N-cyclopropyl-N??(1,1-dimethylethyl)-6- (methylthio)-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diamine
Empirical Formula C11H19N5S
Structural Formula Cybutryne (Fintryn)
Melting point 128-133 °C
Solubility In water 7mg/l ( 25 °C ).
Vapor pressure 0.088mPa ( 25 °C )

Cybutryne (Fintryn) Application


Cybutryne used as a growth hormone, can be used to control weeds in the farm and garden. Cybutryne is a new developed biocide with high efficiency, and there is no affect to human and animal.

Cybutryne is a triazine herbicide used in antifouling paints on boat hulls with increasing popularity since the restriction of the use of tributyltin. Cybutryne has a very similar mode of action to other triazines in that exposure reduces plant photosynthetic ability.

Significantly, cybutryne is a particularly effective herbicide and has been known to concentrate in Z.marina leaf tissues up.

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