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Tricresyl phosphate (TCP)

Tricresyl phosphate Specification

Appearance Colorless to pale yellow, oily liquid

Tricresyl phosphate Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name Tricresyl phosphate ?TCP ?/td>
Empirical Formula (CH3C6H4O)3PO
CAS No. 1330-78-5
Molecular Weight 368.37
Structural Formula Tricresyl phosphate structural formula
Flash point > 220°C
Relative density 1.16 -1.175 g /cm 3 (20°C )
Solubility Insoluble in water.
Vapor pressure 1 x 10 -4 (20°C )
Acute oral LD50 3mg/kg (rat)

Tricresyl phosphate Application


TCP ( Tricresyl Phosphate ) is a low viscosity synthetic phosphate ester, Tricresyl Phosphate finds uses in wide variety of applications as Flame retardant plasticizer. Uses AS below:

  • Leather cloth (PVC) : Upholstery, Book binding, Seat covers
  • Utility articles : Footwear, Raincoats, Handbags, Fiber glass cellulose acetate
  • Extruded articles : Cables (PVC & rubber), hoses, flexible pipe, coal mining, conveyor belts
  • Coatings : Nitrocellulose lacquers, phenolic resins, lube oils

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