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Introduction of SinoHarvest Corporation

SinoHarvest Corp. is a chemical company, located in Taichung which a most historical, cultural and scenic – famous city in Taiwan, delivering some science – based solution in formulation, market such as Agrochemicals, Biocide, raw material and intermediate of Agrochemical.

SinoHarvest is dedicated to improving life, environment through research and development of those products.

In order to develop, expand the international market, Euro System International Ltd. ( shorted as Eurosyschem which is subsidiary company of SinoHarvest Corp. ) was forced to establish in the early of 2005, located in Shanghai, China.

Meanwhile, Fu Tien pesticide company and Fong Li Xing fine chemical factory that are synthetic, formulation plant in Zhejiang and Jiang Su Province, China were taken over by Eurosyschem for the purpose of providing in related of agrochemicals, biocide and fine chemicals.

Eurosyschem always believe, to be a prosperous company in the future, the quality assurance, immediate service, reliable philosophy together with competitive price are extreme key factors.

Eurosyschem has some long - term partner corporation with mutual agreement in France called JaDis, in Japan called Helicom and in Taiwan called Hao Ban which are our representative for taking care of the market in Africa area, Japan area, Taiwan area as well.

We are young, agressive, experienced and professional.

Eurosyschem is an independent chemical group with wide experience of chemical process and unit operations, especially in the field of batch processing, the company is available to provide plenty of data relating registration issue as well as supplying registration procedure of more than 60 countries in the world.

Backed by comprehensive analytical facilities and quality management procedures, Eurosyschem has capability to offer a low cost, high value service to companies wishing to develop newer generic products and processes, recover waste streams and source fine chemicals as agrochemical raw materials or intermediates for Agrochemicals.

Client Testimonial
" Instant assistance and professional support are what SinoHarvest is distinctive from the other agrochemical manufacturers and suppliers that we have been doing business with for more than 15 years. "

Chris Clock
Jadis Corporation, France

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